Kategorie: Implementation Notes

MorganaXProc 1.0.15 was released on 2018-12-28. This is basically a bug fixing release with some updates of required software. Details: Fixed a bug where an XPath error on p:when is not correctly handled, but evaluates to false(). Fixed bug #18:

MorganaXProc 1.0.14 was released on 2018-07-02. This release fixes a bug found by Jan. Thanks for this.

MorganaXProc 1.0.13 was released on 2018-06-25. This is a combined feature and bug fix release. Details: Improved implementation of operations in the file system: Redirects from http -> https are now followed. Added support for http(s) methods "put", "delete", "head",

In addition to XPath 1.0 and 2.0 MorganaXProc now also supports XPath 3.0. MorganaXProc's implementation of XPath 3.0 supports all features except schema awareness and higher order functions. It has been intensely tested against the test-suite and currently has a conformance of 99.xx%. However

MorganaXProc 0.95-10 introduced two new steps for debugging purposes: mod:report <p:declare-step type="mod:report" xmlns:mod="http://www.xml-project.com/nasp/debug"> <p:input port="source" primary="true" sequence="true" /> <p:output port="result" primary="true" seqeunce="true" /> <p:option name="message" required="true" /> /*xs:string*/ <p:option name="write-source" select='false'" /> /*xs:boolean*/ <p:declare-step/> Copies port "source" to port "result" and

MorganaXProc 0.95-8 was released on 2015-10-04 These are the basic new features: Functions from an XQuery module can be imported into the XPath context of XProc by using p:import (more), XPath functions written in Java can be imported into the

MorganaXProc 0.95-7 was released on 2015-06-03 This is a bug-fixing release: Fixes a bug which prevents access to context node in p:xslt when option „template-name“ is used. Changes interface „XSLTTemplate“ in XSLTConnector to cover this case. Fixes a bug when

MorganaXProc 0.95-6 was released on 2015-05-30 This is a bug-fixing release: Fixed a bug that prevent p:pipeline to be used in the graphical user interface. Fixed a bug that lead to a null pointer exception when MorganaXProc is used from

MorganaXProc 0.95-5 was released on 2015-05-16 MorganaXProc 0.95-5 is basically a service release with some bug fixes and some internal changes of classes and interfaces to prepare for XProc 2.0. New features: Support for proposed file extension steps: All steps proposed

MorganaXProc 0.95-4 was released on 2015-03-08 New features are: Support for user defined XPath functions to XProc, XQueryConnector and XSLTConnector via XPathExtensionFunction. Improved usability of resolvers for XQuery, XSLT and XPath. Full access to XProcFilesystem from XQuery and XSLT. Finally