Installing MorganaXProc

The installation process for MorganaXProc is fairly simple:

Getting MorganaXProc to run:

  • Make sure you have installed Java 1.6 or later.
  • Download MorganaXProc from our home page at SourceForge.
  • Unpack the received zip file.
  • Put the folder named "MorganaXProc" anywhere you like on your system.
  • Done!

Running your first XProc pipeline:

Using Windows:

  • Open "Command Prompt" (type "command" into the search box and choose "Command Prompt" from the results).
  • Navigate into folder "MorganaXProc".
  • Type: "MorganaXProc pipelines/welcome.xpl" (of course without the quotes) and press <return>.

Using MacOS:

  • Open "Terminal" (in folder "Applications/Utilities/")
  • Navigate into folder "MorganaXProc".
  • Type: "sh MorganaXProc pipelines/welcome.xpl" (of course without the quotes) and press <return>

Having run your first pipeline, the result should look like this:

This is MorganaXProc 1.0.13
Copyright 2011-2018 by xml-project Achim Berndzen
Using Apache's HttpClient(TM) (c) 2005-2016 The Apache Foundation
NOTICE: PortSerializer supports method 'mox:binary'

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<result xmlns:c="">
<greeting>Standard greetings from MorganaXProc to the user.</greeting>

Bye from MorganaXProc 1.0.13

Here it is: The first pipeline you ran using MorganaXProc! If everything is allright, you can go on and get more information about the command line interface.

If you did not get the expected output, try some ...


  • Check your spelling: Did you type "MorganaXProc pipelines/welcome.xpl" (Windows) or "sh MorganaXProc pipelines/welcome.xpl" (MacOS)?
  • Did you choose the right folder to run MorganaXProc? See the input line of your command line shell: Is the last segment of the path "MorganaXProc"?
  • Do you have (the correct version) of Java? Type "java -version" and hit <return> Does it say 'java version "1.6."' or higher?
Ready for the next step? Let us see how to use the command line interface.