MorganaXProc 0.95-4 released

MorganaXProc 0.95-4 was released on 2015-03-08

New features are:

  • Support for user defined XPath functions to XProc, XQueryConnector and XSLTConnector via XPathExtensionFunction.
  • Improved usability of resolvers for XQuery, XSLT and XPath.
  • Full access to XProcFilesystem from XQuery and XSLT.
  • Finally module import in XQuery is implemented.
  • New implementation for fn:collection(uri) in XPath and XQuery.
  • Extension attributes as in "3.8 Extension attributes“ of "XProc: An XML Pipeline Language W3C Recommendation 11 May 2010“ are now supported.
  • Improved error management: i.e. Description for XD???? and XC???? are now displayed in error document. ErrorCode is accessible via new method „getErrorCode“ from XProcOutput.
  • Adapted to new versions of Saxon ( and Apache’s HttpClient (4.4).
  • EXPath Packaging System (EXPath Candidate Module 9 May 2012) is now supported. A short introduction can be found here.

On the road to XProc 2.0:

The Editor's draft (2014-12-27) of XProc 2.0 contains many new and useful features. In an experimental approach MorganaXProc 0.95-4 tries to implement three of the new features:

  • Attribute Value Templates for option shortcuts (2.10.1)
  • Text Value Templates for p:inline (2.10.2)
  • Support for implicit p:inline in p:input, p:output, p:variable, p:with-option, p:xpath-context, p:iteration-source, and p:viewport-source.

The new features are usable when the version attribute in p:pipeline or p:declare-step is set to "1.1". Please note, that the implementation is experimental and not backed by any test suite results. It depends solely on my understanding of the editor's draft.