MorganaXProc 0.95-9 released

MorganaXProc 0.95-9 was released on 2016-01-17.

The basic new feature of this release is the implementation of "Other Proposed Steps": <pxp:nvdl />, <pxp:unzip />, <pxp:zip />, <pxp:compress />, <pxp:uncompress /> and <pxp:set-base-uri /> can be used in a pipeline by importing "". <pxp:compress /> and <pxp:uncompress /> support compression method "gzip" out of the box and is enhanceable using third party software. See documentation for details. Implementation of <pxp:nvdl /> needs third party software to be used.
With the implementation of these steps, MorganaXProc's implementation of XProc (1.0) is complete.

Secondly this release contains some minor bug fixes:

  • XProc: Fixed a bug in <p:wrap-sequence /> when processing-instructions etc. appear before the root element of the document on port "source".
  • XProc: Fixed a bug in <p:make-absolute-uris />, when value of option "base-uri" is relative and xml:base is set explicitly.
  • XProc: Fixed a bug when <p:with-option /> contains xml:base and the value of select is a relative uri.
  • XProc: Fixed a bug that prevents variables declared in <p:choose /> to be visible in <p:otherwise />.
  • XProc: Reworked handling of <p:documentation /> and <p:pipeinfo />, so they are ignored, wherever they appear. (No more compilation errors!)
  • XQuery/XPath: Improved support for very large integer sequences.
  • XQuery/XPath: Fixed an error while evaluating attribute(name, typeName) and element(qname, typeName).

Thirdly there are some minor improvements in speed and memory usage in XQuery and XPath.