MorganaXProc 1.0.11 released

MorganaXProc 1.0.11 was released on 2017-12-30.

Highlight of this release is a new mechanism implemented to support the use of different XSL-FO-processor in p:xsl-formatter:

  • The hard coded connection from MorganaXProc to Apache™ FOP is removed in favour of a new FOConnector interface. This interface can be used for XSL-FO processing with any conformant FO-processor.
  • Two new implementations of FOConnectors for Apache™ FOP version 1.1 and version 2.2 are supplied with MorganaXProc's standard distribution.
  • Parameters can now be passed to both FOConnectors using p:xsl-formatter's parameter port.
  • Implementation for other FO-processors soon to come.

Instructions on how to use this new feature can be found here and here.

Additional changes with this release:

  • Changed algorithm for resolving relative URIs in options against the base-uri: If option is an empty string, the base-uri is returned, no longer the parent of the base-uri.
  • Checked with SaxonHE
  • Checked with SaxonHE Due to changes in Saxon ISO schematron implementation works with p:validate-with-schematron again when this Saxon version is used.
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