MorganaXProc 1.0.12 released

MorganaXProc 1.0.12 was released on 2018-02-18.

This release improves usability of configuration and fixes some bugs.


  • Improved checking for config-document. If an expected value is not found, a hint is written to std-error.
  • Fixed bugs in XOM implementation of NodeModel.getStringValue(): Results are now according to XDM specs.
  • Fixed a bug in serialisation of comments.
  • Fixed a bug in serialization of processing-instructions.
  • Fixed a bug with pipeline encoding on Windows when pipeline is called from GUI. Thanks to Jan for finding it.
  • Fixed bug where two content-type headers might be send by p:http-request. Thanks to Hans for reporting it.
  • Fixed a bug in pxp:unzip appearing on systems with non UTF-8 standard encoding. (Thanks again to Jan for finding it)
  • Fixed bug where a null pointer exception may be raised when a non-required option is not bound.
  • Checked with Saxon