MorganaXProc 1.0.4 released

MorganaXProc 1.0.4 was released on 2017-03-07.

It is again a service update improving usability and fixing some bugs:

  • Fixed ticket #8: Changed code so no null pointer exception is thrown anymore from JING during recursive schema import. Thanks to David for reporting.
  • Fixed ticket #9: Copyright information are separated from pipeline result, so piping results to another app in unix systems is easier. Thanks to Christophe for pointing this out to me.
  • Improved support for using Saxon in p:xslt. Features of Saxon PE and Saxon EE now are available in p:xslt. All editions of Saxon are now recognised, so you do not have to rename them anymore. Used Edition is now shown in copyright information.
  • Improved error messages in p:unescape-markup.
  • Reworked XProcSource: Pipelines and inputs can be build from a SAX- or a StreamSource now.
  • Additional pipeline informations available in Java via XProcPipeline.getInfo().
  • Checked with Saxon HE