MorganaXProc 1.0.8 released

MorganaXProc 1.0.8 was released on 2017-10-08.

It is a service release fixing some bugs, improving error messages and adding some new features in the XPath implementation on the way to XProc 3.0.

  • Fixed a bug in XSLT match pattern compilation where a not allowed axis does not result in an error message.
  • Fixed a bug leading to an error message when constructing an empty document node in XQuery.
  • Fixed a bug leading to NullPointerException when a http-request does not return an entity body (http response 204)
  • On the way to XProc 3.0 class "XQueryDocument" was renamed to "XdmDocument".
  • Added security checks for HTTP method "patch", "option" and "trace".
  • Fixed misleading error code: Double binding of one input port now results in XS0011.
  • XPath/XQuery: Added new diagnostic method discovering variables used in the expression and deciding whether the expression relies on the context item.
  • XPath/XQuery: Updated interface "XPathFunction" so a function can declare dependence on the context item.
  • Changed a misleading error message "Missing scheme in absolute URI reference" that appear with p:document, but actually is not related to @href but says, that in the document to load there is a namespace binding with an URI not conforming to RFC 3986 because URI has no scheme (which required). Thanks to Felix for pointing this out to me.
  • Clarified error message when p:import is used in the wrong place.
  • Just changed generic Exception thrown in XQueryNodeModel to "XQueryAddingException" to better reflect cause of exception.
  • On the way to XProc 3.0: Added static method "compileSequenceType" in SequenceTypeCompiler.
  • Better textual representation of sequence type matcher for map().
  • Checked with Saxon and