MorganaXProc 1.0.9 released

MorganaXProc 1.0.9 was released on 2017-11-05.

It is a service release fixing some bugs and improving interface of the XPath implementation.

  • Fixed a bug where exclude-inline-prefixes in an importing pipeline is not correctly handled by the imported pipeline.
  • Fixed a bug where a prefix parameter name in p:with-param is not correctly resolved. (Thanks to Evgeny for reporting it.)
  • Fixed a bug where a single variable reference with a prefixed option- or variable name is not correctly resolved in p:with-param. (Also reported by Evgeny. Thanks for this to.)
  • Minor changes in MorganaXPath's ModelNode interface on the way to XProc 3.0.
  • Changed XQueryConfiguration for VariableResolvers: You can now set a resolver providing declarations (for static analysis) and another providing the actual values (during dynamic analysis).
  • Changed mechanism of variable detection so the use of a specific variable is only reported once now in diagnostic method "getUsedVariables()".
  • Checked with SaxonHE