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Enhancing MorganaXProc with Java classes

On this page we will discuss, how to write implementations of XPath functions and XProc steps in Java and how to supply them to MorganaXProc. The following instructions apply to MorganaXProc from version 1.0.3 on. Implementing XPath functions in Java:

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A Guide to MorganaXProc’s API

This document is a quick guide to using MorganaXProc in your Java applications. If you are not familiar with or not interested in Java programming, you are probably looking for A User's Guide to MorganaXProc. Overview: The basic usage pattern

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Understanding Options In Configuration

This document deals with MorganaXProc's configuration process and the settings you can make to influence the process of compiling and running XProc pipelines. Overview: How does MorganaXProc's configuration work? What should a configuration file look like? Which properties can be

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Advanced API Usage

This document is work in progress. It is intended to discuss the topic of enhancing MorganaXProc's operations by writing your own Java classes and then attach them to MorganaXProc's operations. This documentation will expand over time. For now the following

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