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Reference guide for command line usage

This is a quick reference guide to using MorganaXProc (Rel. 1.0.6 or latter) from command-line. The syntax is very straight forward: You have to write the name of the XProc pipeline you want to run first and then you have

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Using self defined functions in MorganaXProc

As XProc uses XPath (current version 2.0) as expression language, you can use all functions defined in the XPath standard in your XProc pipelines. This gives you a powerful way to create expressions, but sometimes it comes to its limits:

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Using the packaging system

MorganaXProc supports the Packing System proposed and developed by and also XMLCatalog. A detailed description for both systems is pending. Here is a Short instruction how to use the packaging system in MorganaXProc: Put a repository according to section 7

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Using MorganaXProc’s Graphical User Interface

In this document we will discuss how to use MorganaXProc's graphical user interface (GUI). It is supposed that you are familiar with the basic terms of XProc and xml, such as pipeline, input and output ports, options, parameters and so

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Enhancing MorganaXProc With Third Party Software

MorganaXProc runs most XProc pipelines out of the box with the standard distribution. However there are some steps or features of steps that only can be processed by MorganaXProc if you install additional software (all under free software licences). Additionally

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Dealing With Security Issues: The Security System

This document deals with possible security issues of XProc pipelines and introduces MorganaXProc's security management as a safety appliance for possible threats. Overview: What about these "security issues" of XProc pipelines? How does MorganaXProc come up with threats?" In which

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Understanding Options In Configuration

This document deals with MorganaXProc's configuration process and the settings you can make to influence the process of compiling and running XProc pipelines. Overview: How does MorganaXProc's configuration work? What should a configuration file look like? Which properties can be

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Using MorganaXProc’s Command Line Interface

In this document we will discuss how to use MorganaXProc's command line interface, which is an alternative to the graphical user interface. If you do not want to use the command line interface, you can skip this document and go

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Installing MorganaXProc

The installation process for MorganaXProc is fairly simple: Getting MorganaXProc to run: Make sure you have installed Java 1.6 or later. Download MorganaXProc from our home page at SourceForge. Unpack the received zip file. Put the folder named "MorganaXProc" anywhere

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A User’s Guide to MorganaXProc

On this page you can find information on how to install and use MorganaXProc with the graphical user interface or the command line interface. Information on the API for Java can be found here. If you are looking for information

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