Class StandardXProcSecurityManager

  extended by
      extended by

public class StandardXProcSecurityManager
extends XProcSecurityManager

This is the StandardXProcSecurityManager used on default by MorganaXProc. It's an authorian manager, so all operations are forbidden except those explicitly allowed.

Allowed are:

For further information on security management in MorganaXProc see the documentation.

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XProcSecurityManager.Operations, XProcSecurityManager.Strategies
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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new StandardXProcSecurityManager.
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addSecurityControl, addSecurityControl, checkJavaLoadAllowed, copy, correctURI, doSecurityControl, getSecurityControls, getStrategy, makeOperationFromMethod, setJavaLoadAllowed, setSecurityControl, setSecurityControl, setSecurityControl
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Constructor Detail


public StandardXProcSecurityManager()
Creates a new StandardXProcSecurityManager.