Interface DataWrapper

public interface DataWrapper

This is the interface user defined data wrapper must implement. A data wrapper is used by MorganaXProc while performing p:data for a given uri. The data wrapper is used to convert the data found on the uri into some other form possibly into a xml document. See the documentation for further informations about the feature.

Method Summary
 XProcFilesystem.LoadResult wrap(byte[] data, java.lang.String contentType, java.lang.String encoding, java.lang.String uri)
          Returns a LoadResult by modifying data.

Method Detail


XProcFilesystem.LoadResult wrap(byte[] data,
                                java.lang.String contentType,
                                java.lang.String encoding,
                                java.lang.String uri)
Returns a LoadResult by modifying data.

data - the original data found on the uri.
contentType - the content type found on the uri.
encoding - the enconding found on the uri.
uri - the uri from which the data was loaded.
an modified version of data
Throws: - if any exception occurred.