Package com.xml_project.morganaxproc.filesystem

This package contains the classes of MorganaXProc's filesystem.


Interface Summary
DataWrapper This is the interface user defined data wrapper must implement.

Class Summary
AlternateFilesystem This class provides the basic stream-/file access functionality needed in MorganaXProc by implementing the abstract classes of XProcFilesystem with the notable exception of httpRequest which is just implemented by throwing an UnknownSchemeException.
DefaultFilesystem This class provides an implementation for XProcFilesystem that support all required methods for 'file:', 'http:' and 'https:' and supports also sending http requests by using p:http-request.
HttpBody This class represents the http body of either an XProcHttpRequest or an XProcHttpResponse.
HttpHeader This class represents a http header and is used in XProcHttpResponse and XProcHttpRequest.
XProcFilesystem This class is the core of file-/stream access in MorganaXProc although it does not provide any file-/stream access itself.
XProcFilesystem.LoadResult A class wrapping the results from loading a resource from an uri.
XProcHttpRequest This class contains the data for a http request found in p:http-request.
XProcHttpResponse This class contains the response of a http-request done by the file system to be evaluated by p:http-request.

Enum Summary
DefaultFilesystem.REDIRECTION_STRATEGY An enumeration of the possible redirection strategies.
XProcFilesystem.ParseMode The parsing modes used when building XOM documents.

Exception Summary
XProcFilesystem.ProtectedResourceException An Exception thrown if the request resource needs authentication.
XProcFilesystem.UnknownSchemeException An Exception thrown if the scheme in an uri is not known or not supported.

Package com.xml_project.morganaxproc.filesystem Description

This package contains the classes of MorganaXProc's filesystem.

The filesystem is used to access resources such as pipelines, input ports, websites etc. and also to store resources. By extending one of the supplied XProcFilesystems you can enable MorganaXProc to access resources with uri schemes others then 'file', 'http' or 'https' and/or extend the http methods executable in p:http-request.

Please see the documentation for a short introduction to this theme.